Lemon Juice For Skin: Does This DIY Hack Work?

lemon juice for skin

The internet tells you lemon juice is an antibacterial, skin brightening exfoliant that can help clear acne, age spots, uneven skin tone and more. The benefits of lemon juice for skin sound wonderful. But before using lemon juice on your skin there’s important questions to be asked; One; Does lemon juice for skin work? And […]

Totally transformative textures, the latest beauty trend

Beauty Trend

Beauty products are becoming more ambitious every day and new-generation textures are one of the most exciting recent developments. Traditional textures (think formats like some creams, lotions and gels) have taken a back seat while more creative textures have marched out to centre stage. This beauty trend is largely inspired by the innovation coming from Japan […]

4 skincare ingredients that are always in Vogue

4 Skincare Ingredients in Vogue

Helming a small business with conscious values is like a dream come true and this month, Oilixia founder Alexandra was thrilled to reach another major milestone when the brand was featured in the March issue of British Vogue. To be included in this style bible has been one of Alex’s personal missions since she was a young […]

New Year and the New Natural

New Natural

2017 is well underway and this year has welcomed some great new trends in natural health and wellness. The natural health movement is moving beyond food and clean eating into the realm of skincare at a rapid pace. After all, it is believed that 60% of what you put onto your skin is directly absorbed […]

Our Top 10 Essential Beauty Products

A few weeks ago our Facial Oil was listed as an Editor’s Pick in the Beauty Shortlist Awards! We love what we do and truly believe in the strength and power of natural oils to complement a beauty regime. It turns out we’re not the only ones! This is what Beauty Shortlist Founder, Fiona Klonarides, had to […]