Cacay from Colombia

Colombia is home to large expanses of the Amazon Rainforest, within which the Cacay tree grows. For many years, local Colombians have felled the Cacay tree for firewood and fed the protein-rich nuts that grow on the Cacay tree to their livestock. However, the rare yet humble Cacay nut is enjoying a recent surge in […]

Camellia Seed Oil

Camellia Seed Oil

What does your morning cup of breakfast tea and our Explorer Blend Facial Oil have in common? Besides making you feel refreshed, they both are in someway related to Camellia plant! THE HISTORY OF CAMELLIA SEED OIL The Camellia was cultivated in China and Japan for centuries before they became more widely known across the […]

Acai from Brazil


Spring has nearly sprung and it’s time to step your beauty regime to prepare your skin for the changing seasons. Among our new products launched at the start of 2017, Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil has been selling fast. With the acai berry being one of the key ingredients, it’s high time for our latest Oilixia […]

How Wild Harvesting Works

Wild Harvested

We choose to work with suppliers whose values and processes align with our own – wild harvesting, future sustainability and a natural, pure finished products. Here we take a look at Kakadu Plum, the main ingredient in our Gummy Facial Cleanser, which is wild harvested in the Kimberley region in Australia. WHY IS KAKADU PLUM […]

Kakadu Plum Extract from Australia


They say ‘tis the season to be merry, and Oilixia HQ can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by indulging in some bright, beautiful and delicious new skincare products. Our Gummy Facial Cleanser, containing Australian Kakadu Plum is now available to buy. Come on a journey with us Down Under to discover the […]

Travel Notes from Brazil

I’ve just arrived home fresh-faced after a trip to Brazil. Before you jump to conclusions, I’m definitely no athlete and instead I took part in the tough Olympic sport of spectating (women’s diving and fencing in case you’re interested). Of course, I also used this fantastic excuse to explore the natural beauty ingredients that Brazil […]

Safflower Seed from the USA

Safflower Seed Oil

With the USA’s 4th July celebrations coming to an end, we thought we’d start our own little celebration over the wonderful Safflower Seed Oil, which we source from the USA. THE HISTORY OF SAFFLOWER SEED OIL The safflower is a crop that dates back to ancient Egyptian times when it was used as a dye and […]

Rosehip Oil from Chile

Our next installment in the Oilixia Origins blog series takes a closer look at one of the most nourishing and versatile seed oils. Sourced from Chile, Rosehip oil works wonders for all types of skin. It’s the oil of choice for beauty bloggers, celebrities and models thanks to its anti-ageing and skin-loving properties. If it’s […]

Carrot Seed from Nepal

It’s time for the latest installment in our Oilixia Origins blog series where we discover more about the precious ingredients in our products. This time we’re taking a closer look our carrot seed oil, which we source from Nepal, and all the wonderful skincare, beauty, health and wellbeing properties it contains. THE PROCESS OF EXTRACTION The oil […]

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