4 ways to use our Explorer Blend Facial Oil
4 ways to use Explorer Blend Facial Oil


With the days getting longer in the UK, attention has turned to the upcoming summer holidays. Whether you are planning to spend sunny afternoons lazing in the local park, heading to the seaside or flying somewhere more a little more exotic, our Explorer Blend Facial Oil can be your perfect beauty companion with its multi-tasking talent! We’ve picked our favourite 4 ways to use Explorer Blend Facial Oil.


One of beauty’s biggest buzzwords over the last 12 months is GLOW and for good reason – who doesn’t want to have gorgeously glowing skin, holiday or no holiday? To give your skin a glow-boost, add a few drops of our Explorer Blend Facial oil to your foundation then apply to the face. We first heard about this tip from celebrity makeup artist Tracey Gray Mann and it’s just genius! For an even better result, try applying with a flat top foundation brush and buff into the skin using small circular motions.


Spending the day in the heat or in salty water can dehydrate your skin. At the end of the day when your skin needs a little extra TLC, apply a generous layer of our Explorer Blend Facial Oil and allow it to slowly absorb into the skin. This will act as a leave-on face mask to give your skin a hydration boost.


Sarah, who manages our PR, uses her Explorer Blend Facial Oil as a hair oil. To get glossy locks, place a few drops of the oil into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to spread and warm the oil, then pat through your hair. You can brush through afterwards and voila, perfectly tamed tresses!


If you are hopping on a flight this summer, taking an Explorer Blend in your hand luggage is a useful addition. Alexandra, our founder, applies it throughout a flight to keep her skin hydrated and fresh. The oil also contains Lavender essential oil which is ideal for soothing any turbulence-induced jitters.

How do you use your Explorer Blend Facial Oil? We always love hearing about new ideas so leave a comment below!


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