A Natural Skincare Routine
A natural skincare routine


Since we launched, many Oilixia customers have written to tell me that they have received compliments from friends, family and even co-workers after using our products. Our products are made from natural or naturally derived ingredients that are extremely potent and show real results on the skin, so it makes me really happy that results are being well received!

Our products are not only designed for compliments, they’re also designed to complement one another. I think it’s important to have a range of products that work together perfectly, so I have put together a natural skincare routine for morning and evening using our three products.

A Natural Morning Routine

Our Gummy Cleanser and Explorer Blend Facial Oil are ideal to use in the morning to help wake you up and prepare your skin for the day ahead. Our Explorer Blend is an extremely lightweight facial oil with a silky texture, so it’s ideal as a makeup base or simply to give skin a natural boost and glow. The Tomato Fruit Extract in our Explorer Blend Facial Oil complements the antioxidant-packed Kakadu Plum Extract in our Gummy Cleanser, working together to smooth skin for a super-bright appearance and natural glow.

A Natural Evening Routine

Our Gummy Cleanser is perfect to use in the evening before bed. It’s ideal for removing makeup, pollution and grime that accumulates throughout the day with a deep and relaxing cleanse. Complete your evening routine with a few drops of the Explorer Blend, which also contains Lavender essential oil to help you relax. Alternatively if your skin needs a little extra nourishment, a few drops of our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil will ensure you have smooth and glowing skin by morning. The Cacay Oil in our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil is rich in retinol (3x more than Rosehip oil!) to help skin look smoother and glowing. It works beautifully with the nourishing Macadamia Oil in our Gummy Cleanser.

With just three potent products, you can achieve naturally glowing skin day after day.

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