Cacay vs Rosehip oil: Which is best for skin?
Cacay vs Rosehip oil


Superfoods for your skin. How do you find the best one? How do you tell if rosehip oil is best? If Cacay oil is the winner? Should you use both?

Will cacay oil help your skin anti-age better than rosehip oil?

Is cacay oil the strongest natural retinol vs. rosehip oil?

Truth: Cacay oil and rosehip seed oil contain different types of vitamin A. The type matters. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Cacay Oil?

Let us start at the beginning. Cacay oil is an Amazonian superstar which is only just starting to be used in skincare. Rosehip oil is world-wide famous. Cacay oil is an undiscovered gem. While rosehip oil is a seed oil, cacay oil is a nut oil and is cold-pressed from the nuts of the Amazonian cacay tree.

Note: Cold-pressing is the best way to extract natural oils as heat can cause anti-ageing actives to go-off.

When the cacay nut is cold-pressed you will find a light, non-greasy and fast absorbing oil being made. A face oil which has high levels of skin conditioning essential fatty acids, natural vitamin E and anti-ageing vitamin A.

Fact: Cacay oil is extremely sustainable. All parts of the cacay nut can be used with almost zero waste. Cacay trees also help give other crops like coffee plants needed relief from the scorching Amazonian sun.

Cacay Oil Vs Rosehip Oil: Linoleic Acid

Vitamin F, essential fatty acids or… linoleic acid. Have you heard of them? These 3 names can all be used to describe a very helpful skincare active. An ingredient which is scientifically proven to help relieve dry, scaly skin, prevent spots and can even work to brighten your skin tone and help fade acne scars.

A high amount of linoleic acid in oils is what makes them light and quick to absorb. Cacay nut oil contains up to 77% vitamin F. Rosehip oil contains up to 76%. Both are well matched.

Cacay Oil Vs Rosehip Oil: Vitamin E

Antioxidants are some of the most powerful skincare ingredients. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant your skin uses and can make itself. Vitamin E is also used to help recycle other used-up antioxidants like vitamin C. Meaning vitamin E can be many times more powerful than its own antioxidant capacities.

Using antioxidants like vitamin E on your skin can do everything from helping prevent ageing to helping prevent spots and dark marks. A high amount of vitamin E in an oil also helps stop it from going rancid – something you have to keep in mind with rosehip seed oil because it contains almost none. In contrast cacay oil contains almost twice as much as argan oil.

Cacay Oil Vs Rosehip Oil: Vitamin A

The must-have anti-ageing active. Vitamin A out of all skincare ingredients is most well-known for anti-ageing – there are an enormous amount of clinical trials proving vitamin A’s benefits for skin.

Rosehip oil contains a type of vitamin A known as all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) – this ingredient is directly recognised by your skin. Cacay oil contains retinol, a different type of vitamin A. Retinol must be converted into ATRA before your skin is able to harness maximum anti-ageing benefit.

Cacay oil contains 3 times more vitamin A than rosehip oil. The type of vitamin A found in rosehip oil can get to work immediately on the skin, whilst the vitamin A found in cacay oil works more gently since it needs to be converted into ATRA first.

So, although cacay oil has 3x more vitamin A than rosehip oil, rosehip oil contains a higher amount of well proven anti-ageing vitamin A (in the form of ATRA) whereas cacay nut oil contains a higher amount of anti-ageing, sensitive skin friendly retinol.

Which will you choose? Maybe you don’t have to (!) We use both in our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil – find it here.


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