4 Ways to Make Your Face Oil Absorb In Faster


Have you been here? Fighting your way through sleepy eyes to lovingly battle an evening skincare routine which currently sits between you and your ultra-cosy bed? To only find your new, investment face oil is sat on top of skin? And therefore having to wait 20 minutes before your head relaxes into pillow. Or worse, to wake up tomorrow feeling like there’s a slimy film poised between your face and the world?

There is science to making your face oil absorb in faster.

Does oil get absorbed by skin? Yes.

Can you make your face oil absorb faster? Yes.

Which oils are most easily absorbed by skin? You’re about to find out.

#1 How to Make Face Oil Absorb Into Skin; Chose The Right Oil

Oils are natural actives packed full of fatty acids. Fatty acid is a scientific way of describing an oil. Or even what makes up that oil. Fatty acids are the number 1 ingredient in any oil. Inside of your face oil most oils put on your skin are either high in;

  1. Oleic acid
  2. Linoleic acid – this is an essential fatty acid your body can’t make

Oleic acid is thicker and stickier. Oleic acid takes longer to absorb.

Linoleic acid is thinner and quick to flow. Linoleic acid is faster absorbing.

Which oils are most easily absorbed by skin? Linoleic high oils like cacay, rosehip, grapeseed and hemp oil.

Our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil is bursting with linoleic high cacay oil.

#2 Tip for Faster Oil Absorption; Moisturiser After

Have you read our Journal – Are you Applying Facial Oils the Right Way? If you have you know there is 1 simple rule to skincare layering. Lightest first, thickest last.

If you want faster face oil absorption – break this rule now.

This is an exception.

Moisturisers contain actives which help oil mix with water. And therefore these exact same actives help skincare to absorb into skin. Deeply.

Your new routine looks like this moisturiser – face oil – moisturiser.

#3 How to Make Face Oil Absorb Into Skin Fast; Exfoliate

The top layers of your skin are dead. Skin cells here are barrier forming, tightly packed, resistant to absorption. As your skin matures, these layers can become slow shedding, clinging to your skin for longer. They also shed faster in summer than winter[i].

Which means as winter time comes – your skin could need extra help.

How do you make oil absorb into skin? You exfoliate before applying face oil and before beginning your skincare routine.

Fewer dead skin cells makes for faster absorbing face oils.

#4 Tip for Faster Oil Absorption; The Fingertip Method

Face oils are perfect for all skin types because your skin cannot exist without oil. The top layers of any skin type are exclusively oil based. For this reason as soon as you apply face oil – your skin’s natural oils quickly cling to them. This makes getting an even application hard work.

But not with the fingertip method.

Place a small drop of our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil onto each of your 4 fingertips. Press your left and right fingertips together. Quickly and lightly dab all 8 finger tips around your application area.

You might even find you need less of your face oil with our fingertip method.

With all 4 of these tips mastered, your face oil will be absorbing faster, quicker and more evenly. Fewer obstacles between you and bed. Better benefits for your skin. Have an extra tip for how to make oil absorb into skin? Drop them in our comments box below;

[i] J Dermatol Sci. 2004 Dec;36(3):131-40.


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