The jetsetter’s guide to in-flight beauty


As the magic of the Christmas period slowly starts to recede, it’s no wonder that some of us have planned a post-Christmas great escape. But, before we can relax at our final destination we’ve got to deal with a small obstacle – the effects of air travel on our skin.

Due to the highly pressurised atmosphere in the airplane cabin, even the shortest journey can take its toll on our complexion, with the air drying out skin, highlighting lines, wrinkles and under-eye circles and causing redness and sensitivity.

With our step-by-step guide to in-flight beauty, you can counteract the effects of air travel and step off the plane being the glamourous jetsetter that you are!


In the week before you travel, apply a moisturising mask to deeply nourish skin. On the evening before your flight, exfoliate skin with gentle thermal cleanser and apply a hydrating serum and/or vitamin-based night cream to complement the effects of the moisture mask.

Healthy skin starts from the inside, so if you don’t already eat a lot of water-rich foods as part of your daily diet, now is the time to start. Avoid foods that have a high salt content both before and during your flight and indulge in fresh fruit and veg (as much as you like!) in order to counteract the dehydrating effects of the journey and avoid puffiness and breakouts.


Long journeys can often be stressful and this anxiety can also contribute to troubled skin. Minimise any worries by packing a beauty essentials kit into your carry-on bag. Include a rich, protective moisturiser – ideally one that contains antioxidants – and apply this at regular intervals throughout the flight, as well as around 45 minutes before you board to really give yourself a head start.

While many people swear by water sprays on long journeys, its effects can actually prove counter-productive as your skin dries out further once they evaporate. Products with chemicals, alcohol and preservatives can also cause irritation so it’s best to go for products with natural ingredients that have been specially designed to nourish your skin. Choose a product with natural, essential oils such as Oilixia’s Explorer Blend Facial Oil.

Our plant oil blend in Explorer Blend Facial Oil uses 18 naturally sourced ingredients that work together with your skin to deeply nourish and repair on the go whilst counteracting redness, puffiness and dehydration. The neroli will help those with especially dry skin, the active ingredients encourage radiance and improve skin hydration and texture and the vitamins offer your skin valuable antioxidants.

It’s also important to let your skin breathe. Avoid wearing any face makeup on-board or apply just a slick of mascara and moisturising lip colour if your face feels a little naked. Snack on fresh fruit, nuts and seeds instead of junk food to introduce extra nutrients into the body and replace any lost during the journey.

It’s essential to drink water throughout your flight. Drinking lots and lots of water and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and greasy foods are some of the most powerful ways that you can protect your skin on board. A healthy sleep pattern is also key – adjust to the time zone in your destination as soon as possible, and sleep at the appropriate times to avoid the schedule changes stressing out your skin and body. If you have trouble sleeping on planes, try a soothing, herbal rescue remedy or sleep aid to naturally encourage a peaceful slumber.


When your flight is over (yippee!) there are just a few finishing touches you can make to your skincare routine before going to sleep/heading to the sun lounger. Give skin a thorough cleanse to remove excess dirt and oils. Use gentle yet high-performance products, ideally those with natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients. Moisturise your skin with a multi-vitamin overnight mask then apply facial oil and SPF daily throughout your holiday to keep skin in the best possible condition.

And finally, just bask in the beauty of your radiant holiday skin! Happy New Year!


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