Is Putting Oil On Your Face Good?


There is one simple rule for treating your skin with love, care and respect. Work with your skin. Give your skin extra top-ups of what it already has, makes and therefore knows how to use. Your day to day skincare routine should not be an intervention but instead a pit stop.

The 2 magic words;

  1. Skin identical
  2. Skin similar

A skin identical active ingredient is the exact same as what your skin already makes. It’s an identical twin.

A skin similar active ingredient is almost alike to what your skin already makes. It’s a non-identical twin. Looks slightly different on the outside, but with extremely similar DNA and benefits.

The best skincare routines maximise both skin identical and skin similar actives.

Is Putting Oil On Your Face Good?

Need to know; your skin has distinct layers. All are important but there’s one you could not exist without. In fact when this layer becomes troubled – acne, eczema, dermatitis and premature ageing strike. This layer is known as your stratum corneum. It’s the one you can see. And at its very top it is almost exclusively oil based.

Made up from fatty acids (you find these in oils), cholesterol and ceramides.

All 3 of these ingredients are oils and fats. Face oil benefits your skin because face oils are skin similar. Some of the ingredients you find in face oils can even be skin identical.

Is It Good To Use Oil On Your Face?

The function of your skins top layer – the stratum corneum is to seal in hydration, defend your skin against bacteria, pollution impurities, pollen dust and even ageing UV light. Your skin’s top layers are a barrier and a shield. When your barrier is whole, help upright and sustained your skin is healthy, hydrated and intensively age resisting.

Everyday your skin shield works it can lose power. Especially at times of high stress and sleeplessness.

This is why it is good to use oil on your face. Face oils are the only skincare step to be completely skin similar to your skin’s top and most important layers.

In fact there is one oil your skin needs but cannot make itself. This is the most important oil to be using in a face oil.

Is It Good To Put Oil On Your Face?

In the year 1929[i] scientists found fat free diets caused skin to become dry, scaly, red and irritated. As soon as fat was returned to the diet skin could become smooth, hydrated and supple. It was the beginning of a discovery. Skin needs fats – and some of these fats cannot be made by the human body. They need to be eaten or applied directly to skin.

The most important fat in this equation is now known as linoleic acid. An omega 6 oil, it was once called vitamin F, but today is called an essential fatty acid. Essential because your body cannot make linoleic acid but instead must be given it.

The reason why fat free diets cause havoc to your skin.

The scientists who made this discovery also found if they applied linoleic acid to skin – irritated, scaly, dry and red skin repaired. Looked like new. Became whole again.

Cacay oil is fantastic for this purpose as its linoleic fatty acid high. It’s the #1 ingredient used in our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil blend.

But wait. There’s more. Oily skin can also find great benefits from linoleic high face oils. Oily skin sebum is often deficient in essential fatty acids. It’s thought to be the reason why oily skin looks oily. Skin is continually trying to compensate for an ingredient it lacks.

Bottom line; putting oil on your face is a good decision to be making. The best oil for your face is going to be one which includes a fantastic dose of omega 6.

[i] J Biol Chem. 1929;82:345-367


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