Cacay from Colombia


Colombia is home to large expanses of the Amazon Rainforest, within which the Cacay tree grows. For many years, local Colombians have felled the Cacay tree for firewood and fed the protein-rich nuts that grow on the Cacay tree to their livestock.

However, the rare yet humble Cacay nut is enjoying a recent surge in popularity due to the scientific discovery that the oil pressed from the nut is in fact oozing with skincare benefits.


The secret behind the oil’s skin-loving goodness is its incredibly high content of vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E and vitamin F (linoleic acid). In fact, it has a higher count of vitamin A than Rosehip oil and more vitamin E and F than Argan oil, so it is easy to see why it’s being touted as “Amazonian Gold”.


These vitamins present in the oil help to provide antioxidant protection to the skin and stimulate skin surface cell turnover. They help to replenish moisture levels in the skin, protecting the skin from external stressors whilst visibly smoothing away the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles.


The oil has been independently tested on real women to show its effectiveness in improving hydration, firmness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin.


The Cacay nut is the size of a small orange and contains three kernels, all slightly larger than an almond. The nut falls to the ground when it is ready to be harvested, allowing local families to easily collect them.

The entire nut can be used in some way, providing a several opportunities for the harvesters to make money from their collections.

The peel can used for cattle feed or compost, the shell had high heating power that makes it a great as a bio-fuel, the nut is pressed for its oil and the leftover meal is rich in protein (over 40%!), minerals, omegas and fibre, making it great as a food source or to make nut milk.

In fact planting just one hectare of trees can provide more than one minimum wage for a family, every year for 50 years.

Raw Cacay Nuts. Image from
Raw Cacay Nuts. Image from


Kahai™ oil is the commercial name of the oil extracted from the Cacay tree nuts, by the Kahai company who are the first to develop the use of the nut in this way and the supplier that we work with.

We were lucky enough to meet the General Manager of Kahai, Alberto Jaramillo, who is incredibly passionate about the opportunities that the Cacay tree can grant to both Colombian families and the local environment.

To produce the oil, Kahai sustainably farms the Cacay trees, by collecting fallen nuts and establishing Cacay tree plantations, which provides income to over 200 families in the region.

To promote future sustainability, they’re establishing tree nurseries to grow more trees, educating local families about the earning potential of the nut and encouraging more people to plant Cacay trees rather than cut them down for firewood.

It is Alberto’s 5-year vision to reforest 5,000 hectares of the Amazon, by planting the Cacay tree. He predicts that this will directly create 100,000 jobs for local families.

Team work to create a sustainable future. Image from
Team work to create a sustainable future. Image from


The oil from the Cacay Nut is one of the key active ingredients in our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil.



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