Omegas and why our skin needs them


We’ve heard it time and time again – omegas are an important part of our diet. But, not only are they necessary for our health and wellbeing, but they’re also essential to our daily skincare routine.

So, what is an omega?

Broadly speaking, omegas are polyunsaturated fats and are defined as having two or more double bonds in their carbon chain. The two main types of polyunsaturated fats, and the ones that we are most concerned with when it comes to skincare, are omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids. The number after the ‘omega’ refers to the distance between the beginning of the carbon chain and the first double bond.

Omegas 3 & 6 are known as ‘essential fatty acids’ since our body cannot produce them on its own, so they must be obtained through our diet or our skincare product. Some rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids include oily fish (salmon, mackerel) and some seed oils. Rich sources of omega 6 fatty acids include plant oils such as safflower oil and sunflower oil.

Another commonly discussed omega is omega 9. This is a non-essential fatty acid that means the body can produce its own, so although it’s found in skincare, it is not as vital as the presence of omegas 3 & 6.

Our new Explorer Blend Facial Oil contains a blend of seed and plant oils, providing a rich source of omegas 3, 6 & 9.

Why does our skin need them?

Essential fatty acids are responsible for reinforcing the lipid layer coating of the skin’s cell surface. This layer influences the cell’s ability to hold water as well as acting as a protective barrier against anything harmful.

As we age, skin cells become thinner and less sticky, affecting their ability to hold onto this water. If our skin cells cannot hold onto this water, this affects the skin’s ability to renew itself, resulting in structural changes which lead to drier skin and the appearance of fine lines. That’s why it is important to help our skin retain optimum levels of these essential fatty acids.

Looking out for these key omegas in any skincare product is vital for creating that all important youthful and healthy looking glow. So, why not shop for one now?



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