The potent anti-ageing active you don’t yet know about
phenolic acid skin benefits


It comes from plants, is natural and we bet you haven’t heard about it.

Phenolic acid.

A family of actives full of potent anti-ageing benefits. Phenolic acid skin benefits are mighty. Unlike traditional anti-ageing skincare with 30% vitamin C or 10% niacinamide, you do not need skyrocketing concentrations.

Less is more.

Skin brightening, firming, fine line reducing, soothing, smoothing, age protecting, redness reducing, skin tone evening. If anti-ageing is your aim, phenolic acids in skincare are a must.


What are phenolic acids?

Phenolic acids are a type of natural plant antioxidant. Potent because plants are unable to run from their predators. Instead they must stand strong in defence against UV light, pollution, bugs and bacteria.

Plant antioxidants can be split into 3 types;

  1. Carotenoids
  2. Polyphenols
  3. Tocopherols (vitamin E)

It doesn’t stop here. There are also two types of polyphenols – the well known about flavonoids and not so commonly known about phenolic acids.

Gallic acid, ferulic acid, ellagic acid, caffeic acid – there’s even almond acid. A micro dose can be all you need.


Why are phenolic acids potent anti-ageing actives?

One word. Synergistic. Phenolic acids are team players. They work with existing antioxidants in skin to exponentially boost anti-ageing benefits.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are natural antioxidant skin makes and needs. They can be quickly depleted. In fact studies show skin has a vitamin C gradient from top to bottom likely due to environmental stress[i]. Vitamin C levels are lowest at skin’s surface and highest in skins deepest layers.

In 2005 the Journal of Investigative Dermatology revealed real life benefits of phenolic acids. When added to skincare containing vitamin C and E, phenolic acid doubles its antioxidant protection[ii]. In this study, antioxidant benefits where raised from 4 times to 8 times.

In real life results are visible as – fine lines reduction, wrinkle reduction, skin tone evening and more.


Phenolic acid skin benefits

Phenolic acid skin benefits are vast. Actives like gallic acid and ellagic acid provide direct and indirect (synergistic) benefits.

Phenolic acids are;

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory i.e. will help prevent inflammageing
  • Skin brightening
  • Fine line reducing
  • Collagen protecting
  • Photo protecting – UV light is the largest external contributor to skin ageing
  • Regenerating
  • Skin firming via stimulating synthesis of collagen and elastin


Where to find phenolic acid in skincare

Remember the 2006 study showing phenolic acid stabilises and synergistically boosts vitamin C and E? This laboratory study artificially added phenolic acid to vitamin C and E, however many natural extracts already contain phenolic acids in combination with vitamins C and E.

Kakadu plum is one such extract. The worlds highest natural source of vitamin C also coming naturally partnered by two vital phenolic acids – gallic acid and ellagic acid. This as Mother Nature intended partnership is vital to ensuring in real life anti-ageing benefits.


Get phenolic acid skin benefits in your routine by adding our Kakadu Plum Gummy Cleanser. Find out more here.


[i] Nutrients. 2017 Aug; 9(8): 866.

[ii] Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Volume 125, Issue 4, 2005, Pages 826-832,


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