Which facial oil is right for you?
The best facial oil


Here at Oilixia HQ, we are often asked about the difference between our facial oils. They both look and smell divine with carefully chosen ingredients designed to nourish and indulge the senses, and rejuvenate the skin. Yet their properties are a little different. This means that some skin types will be best suited to our Explorer Blend Facial Oil, while others will feel the benefits more from our Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil.

Which one is the best facial oil for you?


Let’s first take a look at our Explorer Blend. The packaging is vibrant and bright, very much in keeping with the oil’s uplifting and rejuvenating properties. While it works beautifully on all skin types, it is ultra, ultra lightweight which makes it ideal for first-time facial oil users who just want to get used to a new type of facial product.

If you’re a little nervous about your skin feeling greasy or heavy after applying oil, it’s a great product to start with, as the lightweight texture means that it instantly absorbs into skin without a trace of residue. For those with skin that tends to be more combination/oily, it can be daunting and seem a little unusual to use a facial oil! Yet the Explorer Blend is made from naturally sourced potent ingredients and plant extracts designed to give you smooth, glowing and brighter skin.

Its lightweight formula also means that is can work for those prone to oily or combination skin, and if you suffer from oily skin in the T-zone. Lavender oil, which is has antibacterial properties, is also included in the blend, so it’s good for skin that is prone to the occasional breakout.

The Explorer Blend is a good choice if you are looking for a product to use both morning and night. It’s smooth as silk and light enough to be worn on its own during the day or applied under foundation for a dewy look. Later on, use it to leave skin feeling relaxed and smooth after your usual evening skincare routine.


We could wax lyrical about the Explorer Blend all day and night but now it’s time to shine the spotlight on our beloved Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil. While both oils are exceptionally lightweight, this blend is a little richer and heavier than the Explorer Blend and it is designed to deeply nourish and revitalise the skin.

Due to its deep nourishing properties, it’s ideal for those with normal skin that may have a tendency towards dryness. It absorbs instantly but you can almost feel the blend working its way throughout the skin to replenish thirsty cells and provide much needed moisture. If you fancy a deeper, more intensive treatment, apply a generous layer to skin for the oil to act as a face mask and promote surface skin cell renewal.

Of course, sometimes skin can be unpredictable – oily one day and dry the next. That’s why we like to keep one of each oil close by and choose which one works for us on any given day.

The choice is yours…


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