Let it glow: eating your way to bright and beautiful skin
Top foods for bright beautiful and glowing skin


Here at Oilixia we are firm believers in the power of all things natural, which is why our Brilliance Facial Oil is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. We also recognise that, in order to have bright and healthy skin, your body must glow from the inside out. Just as you choose which products to put on your skin with the greatest of care, the same attention should be given to what you put into your body.

We’ve brought together a collection of the most skin-friendly fruit and veg so that you can design your diet to complement your skincare routine and the nourishing, anti-ageing benefits of products like our Explorer Blend Facial Oil.

Berry delicious

Packed with antioxidants to fight sun damage and premature ageing, blueberries also work as an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and signs of acne to encourage smoother, clearer skin. Add a handful to your morning cereal or porridge, or make a smoothie with oats, almond milk, banana and honey. Add strawberries for an extra dose of skin-friendly antioxidants and a super-healthy breakfast.

Feels like summer …

Tropical fruits such as watermelon are another sure-fire way to replenish your skin. The kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C to defend against harmful free radicals and encourage the production of collagen, resulting in improved skin elasticity. Kiwis help to fight dry skin by moisturising and repairing from within. Papaya is another tropical fruit that encourages firm, healthy skin, while its main enzyme, papain, combats inflammation for a natural glow. For a delicious tropical snack, dice up kiwi and papaya, add to baked Brie or Camembert and top with mustard, black pepper and a side of crackers for dipping.

Rich in vitamin C to promote healthy circulation and a radiant complexion, tomatoes also have a highlycopene content, keeping skin soft and smooth. A healthy intake of citrus fruit such as lemons will help to flush the body of toxins and control breakouts, acne and poor pigmentation. For something a little different try making a traditional Greek avgolemono – lemon soup with chicken and rice.

From the veggie patch

Over in the vegetable corner and we’re championing green veg in the quest for glowing skin. Both broccoli and spinach are both super-nutritious and great sources of vitamins C, E, and antioxidants. Cook your green veg up in soups and Asian-style broths for a hearty, warming meal or eat raw as part of a superfood salad – add some beetroot for extra antioxidants to boost that glowing skin and fight wrinkles. Beetroots also have a high mineral content, helping to smooth out skin imperfections and heal scars.

Not only are they totally delicious and extremely versatile, both sweet potatoes and carrots are also packed with beta-carotene – an antioxidant that fight ageing and encourage the repairing of cells to keep skin smooth, vibrant and wrinkle-free. Add raw carrots to a lunchtime salad or dip into low-fat hummus for a healthy snack. Cooked carrots are even higher in beta-carotene and taste delicious in a stir-fry or roasted along with sweet potatoes in a honey and mustard glaze.

What are your favourite skin-friendly foods?



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