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In celebration of all that is wonderful about the Explorer Blend Facial Oil, I wanted to talk a little about my three favourite places in the world to explore. Over the course of my life, I’ve travelled to more than 55 countries around the world. This has only ignited my wanderlust further and I love nothing more than travelling to a new place or back to one I’ve already visited to discover new things.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is truly a land of natural beauty – and natural beauty ingredients! I visited last year for the second time and fell head over heels in love again with the city of Rio.

I love the fusion of city and beach life, surrounded by the mountains dropping down into the ocean. I love the local people and their relaxed, happy vibes – in such a busy world, they prioritise fun, play and fitness.

The food is also out of the world – the acai bowls and smoothies are made with real, freshly-picked Acai berries. My mouth is watering at the memory!


So many people are surprised when I tell them that Norway is one of the most incredible places I’ve visited on my travels. It’s certainly a lesser-known travel destination and many people are put off by the high prices. But trust me when I say that it’s more than worth it.

The country is extremely long with a fascinating north-south diversity and much larger than you might think – it has 13,000 miles of coastline and its land boundary stretches more than 1,500 miles. The Fjords are an explorer’s dream come true. The scenery is truly stunning and the air so fresh.

Despite its huge expanse, Norway is home to just five million people so when you go exploring, it truly feels like you are alone in the world with just the majestic landscapes for company.

Fraser Island, Australia

As a born and bred Australian, I travelled to Fraser Island with my family when I was young. Even as a child, I was enthralled by its many attractions. Long beaches stretch for miles flanked here and there by huge sand dunes.

These gorgeous sand beaches lead back into a tropical oasis with much of the island covered by rainforest and a feeling of anticipation in the air. I love to just meander through the lush rainforests past winding creeks, stopping only for a dip in the crystal clear lakes. The Pinnacles Coloured Sands are also a sight for sore eyes!

Where in the world is your favourite place to travel?


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2 Responses

  1. I loved Malta with it’s wonderful building’s. But I would love to go to Caprice on day.?

    1. You’re right, Malta is beautiful! I haven’t been to Caprice either, but I have heard amazing things about it and seen great photographs xxx

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