Top Vegan Foods To Keep Your Skin Glowing


The autumn temperature may be creeping in, but it shouldn’t stop you from keeping your summer glow right through the winter period. With knitwear and long sleeved clothes high on the agenda, don’t forget to make the most of your diet and keep your skin glowing through the cold chills and crispy conditions. These are our top vegan foods that you can stock up on this winter to keep your skin glowing.

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a good treat from time to time? Occasionally indulging in dark chocolate can be brilliant for keeping a youthful appearance. Dark chocolate contains cocoa powder that is rich in Flavonoids,which are anti-ageing antioxidants that keep your skin smooth and supple.


Omega-3 fatty acids contained in walnuts are great for keeping your skin looking healthy and plump. It’s also beneficial for general health as consuming them can help reduce cholesterol levels. Adding a handful of walnuts to salads and slaws is a great way to incorporate them into your diet.


Carrots contain high levels of beta-carotene, which is a pigment that provides colour to fruit and vegetables. It’s converted by the body into antioxidants and vitamin A which are crucial for keeping your skin healthy. A great simple snack is carrot sticks and hummus keep mid-afternoon hunger pangs at bay.


Another vegetable on the list is tomatoes. Filled with the antioxidant lycopene, it helps to protect your skin from free radicals that contribute to ageing. Regular intake of tomatoes can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They are so versatile; eat them alone, add to a salad or sandwich.

Sweet Potato

A popular ingredient for health junkies, sweet potato is packed with vitamin C which helps to amplify the production of collagen in the skin. There are some great uses for sweet potato in meals including soup, burgers, fries or even curries.


Your diet is just one of the ways you can keep yourself healthy and your skin glowing. A healthy and varied diet combined with a good skincare regime can keep that summer glow going throughout the whole year.


Written by Jamie Costello.


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